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Individuals to business owners have hired us to provide direction in areas such as Operations Improvement, Strategic Planning, or Process Engineering. We provide our clients with years of expert experience at an economic cost than that of a full-time resource.

Our role in implementation is to work with you to build a plan, identify resources and funds that will be required, acquire the resources, implement the plan and enable you to measure the results of the implementation.

Business Operations Improvement

Growth is the practice of making a company simply run better. Businesses today are more at risk for disruption than ever before. As companies go through different stages of growth, business operations become more complex and require the company to change to meet the new requirements.
We design and build solutions through technology that works today and future for your everyday business problems. We provide Consulting, Strategy, Advisory & Training services to help you achieve the desired results.

It is possible for MyT to estimate the current market value of an asset or market and make predictions about its future value. This estimation and forecasting take into account both microeconomic factors specific to the asset or market and macroeconomic factors broader economic conditions. By considering factors such as supply and demand, pricing, industry trends, consumer behavior, and overall economic conditions, analysts can provide informed assessments of the asset’s present value and future potential. 

MyT emphasizes decision making by the use of qualitative data and on-the-ground interviews with local stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market from a local perspective. Qualitative data refers to non-numerical information that provides insights into subjective experiences and preferences. On-the-ground interviews involve direct conversations with individuals or groups involved in the market.  

MyT provides a comprehensive service that involves designing organizational structures, business strategies, and future policies for clients. This is achieved through in-depth interviews and thorough research. By analyzing the client’s current organizational structure, MyT creates more efficient frameworks. Through market research and industry analysis, MyT develops effective business strategies aligned with the client’s goals. MyT also establish or update policies to govern various aspects of the organization.

MyT conducts qualitative pre-sales activities involve gathering feedback and insights from the consumer market before expanding locally or overseas. Through methods like surveys, interviews, and focus groups, businesses can understand consumer preferences, needs, and expectations. These activities provide subjective information to forecast sales, evaluate market viability, and refine product offerings based on early feedback. By making data-driven decisions and understanding market dynamics beforehand, businesses can mitigate risks and increase the likelihood of successful market entry.

MyT establish market entry strategies involve developing well-informed plans to enter a new market with specific products or businesses. These strategies are based on a thorough assessment of the target market and a deep understanding of local and international regulations. The process includes analyzing the market, understanding relevant regulations, ensuring compliance, adapting the strategy, managing risks, conducting competitive analysis, and creating an implementation plan. By considering regulations and incorporating them into the strategy, businesses can increase their chances of success and minimize legal risks while establishing a strong foothold in new markets.

MyT performs thorough market research and analysis by studying trends, competition, industry structure, government regulations, and consumer opinions. This helps you make informed business decisions and stay ahead in the market.

MyT specializes in practical and scalable market entry and execution plans. We provide swift actionable recommendations based on thorough research and analysis, covering all aspects of the market entry process. Our tailored strategies include market assessment, competitor analysis, customer segmentation, pricing, distribution channels, and marketing tactics. Our goal is to equip clients with the tools to penetrate new markets and achieve business objectives.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation happens when a company integrates digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally improving how the business operates and how it delivers value to its customers while assured leadership as your organisation evolves. Implement solutions aligned with the way your company operates and track performance

  • Automate operation, sales and marketing management
  • Access custom Executive dashboards to keep your finger on the pulse of your business
  • Advisory to structure software projects, appropriate technical architecture for a new system through our in-house Custom Software Development, Mobile Apps and CTO Consultation

We can also help in situations where the communication between management and technical staff is not working correctly or needs that extra clarity. We exist to help clients see exciting possibilities through technology that works today and into the future.

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