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Education is the most important investments in its people and future. It tends to open doors to job opportunities, resources and skills that anyone needs to not just survive but flourish. MyT EduTech Berhad (MyT) is an investment holding company that invest and nurture in potential portfolios on the learning sector that emphasizing robust ICT environment. Built upon the IR4.0 data framework, everything is automated and continually updated to powers learning for today’s human capitals.

Investing in technology and education is a prerequisite to invest in the future. It is about conveying knowledge, connecting the ecosystem and fostering collaboration between educators, students, parents and administrators anytime and anywhere. It is about making people, communities and nations more competitive. With advanced technologies and strong collaboration with different partners, MyT are redefining the way of learning, interacting and teaching. Technology empowers and enriches people’s life, through products, solutions and programs that embrace innovation and shared value.

“.. There are plenty of challenges in our way. Growth does not happen accidentally; it comes as a result of hard work and smart positioning. Even if we’re doing our job well, if we’re not prepared for growth when it happens, it can actually end up hurting us in the long run. This carries over from the previous point, however it isn’t just enough to know the industries and its audience..”

Hafiz Kamaruddin, Group CEO

Our corporate DNA underscores our vision, mission, values, culture and the approach that drives our way of meaningful learning starts here as a journey to excellence. We are driven by our passion for filling the gaps in education systems worldwide.

We have a fantastic organizational culture, where we collaborate and support each other. Our people feel comfortable bringing their whole and unique selves to work and we are passionate about our people. We also have a number of employee support network groups you can become involved in celebrating diversity within us.

Our MyT Life approach through workforce combination more than 5,000 from in-house staffing, tuition operators to independent tutors, we work shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure the quality of learning environment in Malaysia to global. The work we do is fascinating and unique. We provide the educational industry and public with specialist learning, technology research, advice and analysis. Unsurprisingly, the work we do is sensitive and often operationally critical, with the potential to save many lives through learning.

As technology advances, societies and economies will evolve. We need to equip our children with the right mindset and tools that will allow them to focus on the skills and strategies of learning. The ability to stay curious and open-minded will enable our children to adapt in any changes around the world. 

Our Vision

MyT’s purpose is simple, but powerful; to nurture the power of human potential for a better tomorrow. We are here to provide learning for all like our motto “Meaningful Learning Starts Here” that help to preserve and protect our nation through education aspects blisteringly develops better talents and prosperity in life.

Our Mission

MyT focuses to build a world of who possess the combination of Spiritual, Intellectual and Creative Minds that are empowered by delivering innovative education approaches, technology usage and advancing aligned policies. MyT activates and develops the capacity of communities and educators to imagine, build and sustain vibrant learning ecosystems that allow each learner to thrive.

Our Values

At MyT we value innovation, collaboration and impact. Those words not only describe how we work, but also our people and culture. These standards of behaviors are embedded into our organization and are reflected in the fantastic work we do.

Our Driven Factor

The 21st education era demands that the future of learning needs to be equitable, learner-centered, flexible and resilient. It needs to accomplish what our education system has purported but incomplete. It needs to meet the needs of each student. Together with our prestigious partners, we are creating the future of learning.

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