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The Maverick

Hafiz is the founder of MyT EduTech Berhad together with Zulaikha and Farhan. While pursuing his Degree in Nuclear Science from the National University of Malaysia, he entered the business world in 2009, where he got the chance to explore his passion in education, training and marketing.

Hafiz considers himself as someone who is enthusiastic about the numbers. He always keeps updated with the latest trend in the industry by reading and attending seminars to enhance his capacity in training and marketing.

He envisions that in the future, MyT will serve every Malaysian household to fulfill the basic needs in education. As a result of the advancement of technology and globalisation, MyT is consistent with its view that educational systems must be moved forward towards digitalization in education.

The Canny Catalyst

Zulaikha began her journey in educational sphere in 2009 during her study of Nuclear Science at the National University of Malaysia.

As the founder of MyT EduTech Berhad, Zulaikha focuses on her passion for people management, detailing her leadership skills as she aims to turn MyT into a leading education technology provider of teaching and learning.

She has spent the past few years understanding education through different lenses and has provided consultation to new tutors concerning best practice techniques for management. She aims to empower education in Malaysia and create outstanding educators and leaders at MyT.

The Tech Mogul

Farhan has exemplary work ethics and efficiency. Computer science and information technology have been Farhan's passion since he was in college. Since 2010, he has been committed to systems programming and looking forward to developing an innovative learning companion system that supports teaching and learning.

For someone who loves coding and programming, he wants to help create the best education system for all students regardless of their family backgrounds and socio-economic status.

Farhan, together with a visionary couple Hafiz and Zulaikha, had founded MyT EduTech Berhad. In line with MyT's vision towards digitalization in education, he understands the need for innovation in education and he supports the vision to transform and move MyT forward.

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