Our Director

Hafiz Kamaruddin
Founder/ Group CEO

As the brain of MyT, I’m not just have to believe but to give everything for the one that I love most, which is education. Like my partner, our common belief is that we’re not in the educational business but we’re the believer of quality and practical lessons that provide meaningful knowledge for all.

In simple words it means that we’re at MyT is the medium of transition. Therefore, it is a must for us to explore the best techniques, systems and each thing that is economic but comes up with the best prudent results for better legacy. Like else, my journey starts from below being a humble tutor begging from nearby surroundings to enroll our services. From there we began to develop progressively from an enterprise until today as a public company (Berhad) that become amongst the most sought out product and services among Malaysian households especially in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia.

By starting from our humble house until now with inclusive twenty-five (25) smart, techie and dedicated personnel, I believe that the most important in business is not money but talent management. For nearly two (2) decades, I have developed more than seventy (70) of our associates to become promising entrepreneurs that are moving together with us in materializing our goals of meaningful learning starts here for everyone.

Zulaikha Jeffry
Founder/ Group CFO

Describing myself as the fashionista of education. Yet my passion isn’t over academics but towards the meaningful of learning. It is also being the main factor that I didn’t pursue my career in connection with my majoring in Nuclear Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia nearly two (2) decades ago.

Whilst, I began to follow my dreams in education starting from below began as a part time to full time tutor. Then started to co-founded a business enterprise focusing on providing tuition to surrounding communities with the other founders. There we started to develop as a private limited (Sdn Bhd) with manual operation and systematically until now as a public company (Berhad) where we provide not only an integrated learning platform for tutors, parents and students but all levels including foreigners dedicated to the Malaysian environment and national systems.

At MyT, I learn how to plan, arrange, execute and manage everything under my responsibility part by part, phase to phase from small to critical situations. I still believe that I am a beginner not only about my task but also just a tiny piece of contribution among the ones that improve our national education system for a better Malaysia.

Farhan Jamil
Founder/ Group COO

I admit that that I’m a very techie geek that left college twice as unable to seek the finest syllabus due to my enthusiasm of information technology world there. Yet the same issues still haunt me as I want to provide the world with the best automated system that is simple, efficient yet effective even for the first-time user without tech know-how skill.

Most people that know me describe me as Bill Gates of MyT group. Undoubtedly, the recognition is something that drives me to become better from day to day. I believe that my understanding to explain technical and complex technology frameworks to methods in simple layman explanations is the best way to describe how passionate I’m about IR4.0 towards our vision of becoming a big data player starting with tuition servicing.

As the group COO of MyT group that emphasize everything with advancement of IR4.0 and future application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life, I have to be responsible not only construct but execution of the best solutions that adapt nicely with the change and manipulation of the human environments, I have a simple belief that being my devoted principle until now that is if we use the proper and right way of future technologies, it will be wise for mankind and vice versa.

There, I’m very choosy to hire our talents under my supervision as I have to entrusted them with the concept and practicality of us; the founders dream of improving the quality of life.

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