There is now a global call to create more than just good quality schooling that we need to equip today’s learners for not only for future but tomorrow’s job market. A vital human right, education plays a pivotal role in human, social and economic development. Despite great progress, thousands of children in Malaysia are still denied the right to basic education. Lack of education perhaps the certain of passing on poverty for generations.

The MyT’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects are using Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that influence our organization. We must provide a high-quality primary to secondary plus list of certificate educational levels and mainstream them firmly in upper level of education.

All this will be done through active participation of the parents, community members, private sectors and government agencies as well. A large number of citizens that not only backward communities who are not getting their rightful place in primary education desirably will be benefited.

Community Education Center

Demands to minimize the issues of gender equality, women empowerment, senior citizens and economically lower income groups. The goal of the project is to help community around that out-of-school or irregular school citizens in getting quality basic and primary education through MyT’s Learning Center model to provide indirect to direct education and skills for the citizens that enlisted through the center. The Center will identify rural out-of-school or irregular schoolers with an intention to offer economically yet quality knowledge and skills. This aims to experience them beyond their journey into TVET and high-income country.

Technology Deployment for Non-Communicable Diseases

Innovation is the way forward for creating scalable, sustainable impacts in the healthcare sector. The plans to provide an informative online platform for health tech innovators to reach the last mile by deploying their tech solutions and impacting the rural population. This will enable the healthcare provider to successfully deploy the solution and earn a livelihood for themselves, thus making it a self-sustainable model. The project will scout for the best healthcare innovations in non-communicable diseases across the globe. The selected innovations will be reviewed and validated by the healthcare agencies and expert committee thus assist in community deployment in rural areas.

SPARK Mentorship and Career Guidance

The SPARK program is an innovative initiative for STEM learning. SPARK is an acronym for “Students Pursuing Advancements and Revolutionizing Knowledge” terminology. Recognizing the declining interest in these critical sectors, particularly among students from rural and low-income urban families, SPARK seeks to bridge the gap and ensure equal opportunity for all. The program aims to build stronger connections between students and these ever-evolving sectors, opening doors to a wide range of exciting career possibilities.

SPARK offers mentorship programs and career guidance, focusing on the diverse opportunities within science and technology. Students will have the chance to learn from experts in the field, gaining insights and hands-on experience that will equip them with the necessary skills for the future success in the global science and technology landscape. SPARK dreams of serving as a beacon, guiding the way for the next generation of innovators and tech leaders.

MyT Tutor Scheme

Thousands of career programs enlisted but two (2) best industries are education and technology. The program is dedicated to solving Graduate Employability (G.E) greatest challenges with technology solutions.

MyT Tutor Scheme is designed where talent learn all but not limited to MyT’s objectives, direction and challenges, learning concept and useful technology. Along with opportunities to learn and grow, we want our talent stay with MyT to be enjoyable, sociable and to help talent develop other skills that are vital for a promising career. Not only communication to building relationships also enjoy the social side of work as work-life balance is highly valued as is community.

The graduates, students or apprentices make real contributions to our portfolios and the future of MyT organization. We take great pride in recruiting talented and enthusiastic young people each day to year. With relevant experience and skills, we help to proliferate the status of our local higher learning institutions at global.

These initiatives and implications prove our serious commitment of meaningful learning starts here for our nation’s legacy. It is a proof that our war does not only interpret literacy but Al-Ilmu Nur in its entirety to adhere in response to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s call for the Ministry of Education (KPM) to establish a specialized task force to reignite the interest of students, particularly those from rural and impoverished urban backgrounds, predominantly in science and technology fields. MyT also aspires any individuals, government and public sectors grants financial support for us to equip our target learners to be at the forefront of education, fostering curiosity, sparking interest, and fueling the tech-savvy Spiritual, Intellectual and Creative minds of tomorrow.

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